DXRacer R (Racing) Series

Suggested height and weight for DXRacer Racing series
 Free cushions - Free shipping - 2-year warranty on frame - Lifetime warranty on parts
This simple and clean style was designed to match and integrate any pc workstation at home or the...
If you're watching an esport event, there is a high chance you see the DXRacer Racing Series being used by...

The Racing series is one of the most iconic gaming series from DXRacer.

This series comes with an inlaid base, adjustable armrests and adjustable backseat. The multiple available configurations and snug design truly make you feel like seating in a racing car seat.

The frame of the Racing is great for users up to 6'3" (190 cm) and around 220 lb (100 kg). Because of its design, we recommend not to exceed a BMI of 25.